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July 7, 2006

Ever fancied hearing something completely unique?
Modern music has never heard anything quite like Orpheus: A Rock Opera. Masterminded by my good friend, Mr Richard Campbell, Orpheus: A Rock Opera is a collection of some of the most crazy, intense, rocking music around. Complete with lush orchestration, snarling drums, tearjerking ballads and thrashing guitar 6-minute rock-offs, the dramatic story clocks in at just over 51 minutes and 13 tracks.Richard Campbell's Orpheus: A Rock Opera
Seething with energy, the opera conveys the story of Orpheus & Eurydice – an age-old tale from Greek mythology. Orpheus, the greatest musician to have lived, is able to entrance everyone with his beautiful sounds. He is desired by all of womankind but is alone until he meets his love. But when Eurydice, now his wife, tragically dies fleeing danger, he embarks on a dangerous quest to the region of the dead to find her again. The gods stand between him and his one and only. Will they release her to him?

It all started for me last year. Richard, who is a founder member of our band/side project, red zebra, got in touch asking whether I was interested in writing some lyrics for a new idea he had. Whilst off travelling in Morocco, I scribbled down lines of material touring the country, whilst Richard plugged away creating his masterpiece in own studio. After spending two hours typing them out on an Arabic keyboard (which is not easy!)in a Marrakesh cafe, I emailed them off into cyberspace and Richard’s inbox. I had no clue of any melodies or tone or what on earth the finished songs would sound like.
Last night, I sat down and heard his compositions for the first time with my words. I was blown away. I know that Richard has amazing talent, after working with him on our red zebra creations, the random kollexion LP and random monkey corruption EP, however, this is something else. It’s very cleanly produced and features a cast with pure, clean voices, exactly what you need for telling a tale of such purity.

Orpheus: A Rock Opera, as I say, is completely unique. If we were to look towards influences then a starting point would have to be Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Richard is also a huge fan of Dream Theater and I’m sure their influence will be heard by some of you.
Richard says of Orpheus: “It’s 50 minutes worth of ‘though-i-say-so-my-self-bloody-brilliant-ness’, split into three acts.
“It is, so far, the best thing I’ve ever done. Ever. My greatest personal achievement, and I absolutely love it.”

Orpheus: A Rock Opera is available for download from the website of Hunger for the Crash, which is Richard’s main, day-to-day band. Check them out too while you’re at it.
It is highly recommended that you also download the lyric booklet, which will allow you to follow the story more closely and follow the story’s dramatic developments.
If you think you’re open-minded, have a good ear for music, can acknowledge that love is the most powerful emotion we can feel and fancy rocking your nuts off…. Then follow the links below:

Orpheus: A Rock Opera

Orpheus: A Rock Opera (lyric booklet)

Full track listing and information:

Richard Campbell’s Orpheus: A Rock Opera

  1. Prologue
  2. The Lyre
  3. The Proposal
  4. The Wedding Part One (The Ceremony)
  5. The Wedding Part Two (The Wedding Night)
  6. Tragedy Part One (The Longely Shepherd)
  7. Tragedy Part Two (Grief)
  8. Journey Into The Region Of The Dead
  9. Declaration
  10. Return From The Region Of The Dead
  11. Seven Days At The Gates
  12. The Attack
  13. Epilogue

Written & produced by Richard Campbell; Words by James Grainger/Richard Campbell;
CAST – Toom Boon as Orpheus, Heather Loxston as Eurydice, Alex Broad as the Narrator, Laura Burrows as the Thracian Maidens, Lefteris Ioannidis as Aristaeus.

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