merry christmas

December 23, 2006

be drunk and be merry.


for fuck’s sake…

December 21, 2006

I’ve started to wonder whether I swear too much.A sign from seats at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Personally, I’ve never really been bothered about swearing – I mean, they’re only fucking words right?

But I do realise some people are offended by it. Why though. They’re the perfect words for expressing yourself.

That, and swearing sounds much better as a Northerner. I knew there was a good reason for living with Northerners, it seems swearing is it.

Try it.

‘bar-stard’ or ‘basstad’. You know which one has venom in it. Unfortunately in this instance, the North beats Essex hands down.

Merry Christmas.


benicassim ’07

December 19, 2006

Right … click the picture below and it’ll take you to the page (I mean my friends but obviously randoms can to if they’re searching net for Benicassim info)  and there’s the page with all the info cut and pasted, ’tis long but if we make decision early the earlier I can budget and pay!



i never came.

December 17, 2006

i love this song so much. see here.

When you say it’s dead & gone/I know you’re wrong/Cut & slash, sharpest knife/It won’t die/Poison cup, drank it up/It won’t die/No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone/It won’t die/Why you gotta shove it in my face/As if you put me in my place/Cause I DON’T CARE/If you or me is wrong or right/Ain’t gonna spend another night/In your bed/Laws of man, are just pretend/They ain’t mine/Love so good, love so bad/It won’t die/Some talk too long/they know it all/I just smile & move on/Words ain’t free, like you & me/I don’t mind/Why’d you have to be so mean & cruel/The dogs are loose i’m on to you/You ball &/Chained together from the dawn to dusk/Can’t call it leavin, cause it’s just…    I never came….

mother mary.

December 15, 2006

mother mary

I took this in Lago di Garda earlier this year and used it as a small thumbnail for a poem I wrote years ago, Mother Mary. I like it so much I wanted to put it up. Also on my flikr. The white is essential I think.


I’ve created my own Christmas card for this year, with the help of my sister. I’m not allowed to show you hers. But mine, which does have a element of sarcastic comedy in it (I hope that’s clear) is here…

My Crimbo card

I really enjoyed this man’s post off of his blog too…

Night, night.



This is my current favourite picture. I just love the sheer, unbridled joy and innocence of this picture. I took it a few weeks ago (on my mobile phone!) at the iCount rally about global warming that took place in Trafalgar Square, London. Over 30,000 people attended that day and afterwards, people who had been dressed in fancy dress costume even stood around in the cold, entertaining little ones – like this young girl. When she saw the panda, it had its back to her and she tapped it on the back. When it turned around to give her a big hug, her smile was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

There’s a new poem on the pinboard here (it was written when very, very drunk).

oh, and i have a flikr account with some pictures here.


When I started writing this blog, I said to myself that I wouldn’t have a limit on the types of thing I wanted to post. Primarily, I wanted it to be for my writings and pictures, but I suppose I wanted it to be whatever was there at the time. So what’s on my mind today?

Josie Grove.josie grove

All over the media today, Josie is a 16-year-old girl from Northumberland who was diagnosed two years ago with a rare form of leukaemia. After two years of needles and therapy, which has unfortunately failed to impact on her cancer, she has decided to reject any further treatment and has chosen to live her life as full as she can for the next few months she has left.
In a weird way, I feel like I almost want to meet the young lady. No, not in a weird creepy way, but I almost want to meet her, see how she is really is and congratulate her on her attitude. In the sick way the mind works, I’ve thought about this and always hoped that I’d have the balls to do what’s right for me in that situation – especially if it was to continue receiving treatment and be weak and ill for the slightest chance, or to live life as fully as I could for the time I had left. She has more balls than me, especially right now.
Today she will receive a bravery award after being nominated by her nurses at the hospital she stayed at before. She obviously makes an impression on everyone she meets and spends time with. If you can’t be impacted by a brave woman in this situation, then you’ve completely lost touch with reality. More than anything, it just makes you think how much of your time you’re wasting.
I found it very interesting the way the story was covered. Arguably the most emotive way was the BBC news last night, when you could see her father welling up as he told how proud he was of her and her decisions. However, I did not like the Times headline of ‘Take me home to die, says cancer girl’. I’d rather they’d tried to identify her as something else other than ‘cancer girl’. It’s too cold, factual and has no grasp of the emotion or situation- which really, let’s face it is the point of covering the story. I find it a bit condescending, in the way it sounds.

She’s definitely a very mature woman, who realises that certain thing’s are there to be accepted and the only thing you can do is make the best of a bad situation. She could be on a street corner, smashing up things and acquiring ASBOs. She’s an absolute credit to herself and her family.

Just hope she has the best time she can and that life is an adventure from now on for her. Stay beautiful.

BBC video news report.

Dig!I watched Dig! last night, a documentary about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. It won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2004 and I do rate it, although that’s maybe because I’ve always liked the Dandys and I s’pose as a fan, I just like seeing them close up and real. But was it? Anton Newcombe from BJTM has heavily criticised the film for its portrayal of him. All I can say is, if you’re gonna let a cameraperson follow you around for seven years, taking shitloads of drugs and acting like pricks; what do you expect them to show in the film?

Idiot. If you’re gonna be on camera, on smack, shouting about your demons, what part of the footage do you think they’ll show. Even though Newcombe is deranged (especially in believing every word he says), he’s got to have some grasp of the real world like that. He’s inspiring in a weird kind of way though. It’s him and his talent. And that’s it.

The Dandys take a lot of flak off people. Yes, they’ve tried re-invention etc, most notably when they went all Duran Duran with Welcome to the Monkey House, but I don’t see that as a criticism. The Dandys have always been a band in which style mattered, especially to Taylor-Taylor, pouting and preening and this is what the band are. They make some beautiful downtime music and some cracking tunes and it’s about an ethos I feel, not necessarily trying to follow a trend, but maybe trying to start one.

taylor/newcombeThey’ve written some brilliant songs though. The mood and builds or crescendos of their songs are always spectacular. One thing I remember from the film though, and I think this is a great philosophy in life was said by Taylor-Taylor when summing up his band’s career and all the hits/misses/flops/sellout success they’ve had over the years:

“The lesson is if it’s good it’s fun, and if it’s bad, it’s funny.”

Long live the Odditorium.