if it’s good, it’s fun and if it’s bad, it’s funny.

December 5, 2006

Dig!I watched Dig! last night, a documentary about the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. It won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2004 and I do rate it, although that’s maybe because I’ve always liked the Dandys and I s’pose as a fan, I just like seeing them close up and real. But was it? Anton Newcombe from BJTM has heavily criticised the film for its portrayal of him. All I can say is, if you’re gonna let a cameraperson follow you around for seven years, taking shitloads of drugs and acting like pricks; what do you expect them to show in the film?

Idiot. If you’re gonna be on camera, on smack, shouting about your demons, what part of the footage do you think they’ll show. Even though Newcombe is deranged (especially in believing every word he says), he’s got to have some grasp of the real world like that. He’s inspiring in a weird kind of way though. It’s him and his talent. And that’s it.

The Dandys take a lot of flak off people. Yes, they’ve tried re-invention etc, most notably when they went all Duran Duran with Welcome to the Monkey House, but I don’t see that as a criticism. The Dandys have always been a band in which style mattered, especially to Taylor-Taylor, pouting and preening and this is what the band are. They make some beautiful downtime music and some cracking tunes and it’s about an ethos I feel, not necessarily trying to follow a trend, but maybe trying to start one.

taylor/newcombeThey’ve written some brilliant songs though. The mood and builds or crescendos of their songs are always spectacular. One thing I remember from the film though, and I think this is a great philosophy in life was said by Taylor-Taylor when summing up his band’s career and all the hits/misses/flops/sellout success they’ve had over the years:

“The lesson is if it’s good it’s fun, and if it’s bad, it’s funny.”

Long live the Odditorium.



2 Responses to “if it’s good, it’s fun and if it’s bad, it’s funny.”

  1. what you don’t know could fill a library.

  2. J said

    Cheers, thanks for posting.
    I’m sure it could. I don’t know much at all. I feel you only learn what you want to know really – you can never know everything.
    I still think it’s a bit naive to think that that’s what they wouldn’t show – she (Ondi or whatever) was making a film for money after all. If she lied, and it was meant to be an entirely artistic project, then it’s a clear case of misrepresentation. If the woman changed and edited it so much, then why did she have permission to use it – was that signed away at the start?
    If you think I don’t know about it, educate me. I felt that post was on the edge of vitriol, just the edge.
    Even despite that though, a lot of people wouldn’t ever have heard of BJTM without the film and whether it’s a major or not, surely all a musician wants to do is to be heard.

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