for fuck’s sake…

December 21, 2006

I’ve started to wonder whether I swear too much.A sign from seats at White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Personally, I’ve never really been bothered about swearing – I mean, they’re only fucking words right?

But I do realise some people are offended by it. Why though. They’re the perfect words for expressing yourself.

That, and swearing sounds much better as a Northerner. I knew there was a good reason for living with Northerners, it seems swearing is it.

Try it.

‘bar-stard’ or ‘basstad’. You know which one has venom in it. Unfortunately in this instance, the North beats Essex hands down.

Merry Christmas.



3 Responses to “for fuck’s sake…”

  1. Dean said

    You do swear a lot, ya cunt. My mate Mike from Yorkshire (not Pettit), well i’ve never hear language like it. The guy even called his dad a fookin’ cooont once.

  2. J. said

    Calls his Dad a cunt. I call you a cunt.

  3. J. said

    See you in a couple of hours down the Crumpled!

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