new year, same stuff.

January 2, 2007

Happy New Year and all that malarky to anyone who reads. The ego within me wants to point out that my New Year’s resolution is to be more productive. Considering I haven’t posted since before Christmas, and actually missed having a January 1 post, I would say it’s already not going well. However, productivity is not so defined, so I’ll suppose I’m the only one who will know. One thing I definitely want to do, is start my novel all over again, afresh, this year, and hope it goes better.  I also want to finally put up all of a month in maroc – my novella on Morocco. Again, here’s hoping.

But I would like to put one thing on record (so I can look back on this late in the year) that this year, 2007 (how weird), I’m hoping to finally organise inadvisable? – an evening with red zebra + friends, at a venue yet to be decided, on a date yet to be decided, with bands… again… yet to be decided. It will be a Christmas spectacular, at a hired venue, with hopefully some of our good friends…

But who are red zebra? Why is there no music from them on this page?

Why Sir, that is because I’m lazy. One day. Next post…


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