something for the weekend.

August 31, 2007

On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives
They’re made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes “

haha, brilliant – andthey look so funny! Bon Jovi rule! Oooooo… she’s a little runaway…


a little moment of zen.

August 30, 2007

Corpach, Fort William; 6am.

Before I climbed Ben Nevis last weekend (more to come on that soon), I took a few minutes at sunrise at capture beautiful Corpach, in the Scottish Highlands. The video doesn’t really do the place justice, but it’s beautiful, calm and empty.


something for the weekend.

August 24, 2007

devo girl u want

Absolutely brilliant video. Girl U Want is definitely coming on here soon too… Oh, and they’ve got a new song too I think, Watch Us Work Out, that’s really really good.


Watched a programme…

August 21, 2007

The Oldest Person In The World. CHANNEL FOUR.

I taped a bit of a programme last night by accident after leaving the timer on from a film the night before. The TV rolled and a documentary played as they, the oldest people in the world (from 101 to 113 years old, to the longest living person in the world, 114-year-old Emma). Was living too long a burden? What was their secret to living so long? Could they even hear the question?

There was a moment in the programme when one lady, Charlotte, told of how she didn’t like being over a century of age, I think she was 110. But she didn’t say hardly anything. Her body, her face, the tear in her eye said it all. The voiceover relayed how she had outlived her children. Was she shappy? Evidently not. As they moved her to a new abode (her care home was shutting down) she changed an earlier answer to a question; her perfect age to live to was no longer 100, it was now 90 years old.


mind over time…

August 20, 2007

interpol, koko

INTERPOL are a very emotive band.

There’s no doubt about that in my mind; Turn on the Bright Lights, Antics and now Our Love to Admire are all filled with songs of loss, love, joy, aggression… well in my mind, everything’s there, I’ve played those records to death.

But unfortunately, there’s just not enough. I become desperate to hear every track with bands I love, I obsess, I hunt them down. Even hunting down obscure tracks on soundtracks to shows like Six Feet Under (Direction, it’s all right).

But why?

Because there just aren’t that many bands that can provoke reactions within me like Interpol can.

So when Love to Admire came out, the first thing I had to do was hunt down any B-sides. I found the Mammoth instrumental version, and then I heard of a song that featured as a b-side to the Japanese release of the album…

Mind Over Time
(seven days only…)

This is beautiful. It’s gorgeous, somehow even managing to get away with Jean Michel Jarre-esque synths in the background. They just enhance the song.

But what makes this song so marvellous to me is beautiful lead in and lead out. The dynamics of the song is just perfect. I think the middle section where it seems to rock out, while still pondering about the meaning, it quite sounds like Idlewild’s last title track on The Remote Part. But that’s all right, I like that song too…

It sticks with you. This song resonates in head after it’s been played. I must press repeat.



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something for the weekend.

August 17, 2007

Gumtree is so weird.

August 14, 2007

logo_small_gumtree.gifRead this sentence:

“I’m a guy and get turned on by the thought of flashing to women in public. Do any women get turned on by being flashed at? I have not ever done this as i am a law abiding citizen and champion of the people”

Now, ignoring that this is perculiar. What kind of man says they like flashing, then claims to be “a law abiding citizen” and – even better in my view – “champion of the people“. Is this a joke?

Now click here…

It’s real! It’s an actual post! I mean, WTF?!?!

Do you think anyone’s emailed him? Maybe you should.

See, Gumtree is full of wonderful and magical delights.

Such as the flash man.

Or maybe it’s just full of sexual degenerates.

something for the weekend.

August 10, 2007


August 9, 2007

The most bizzare thing has started to happen.

See on wordpress, you can check your blog stats and see how many people look at your typings etc. Now, I like this, it’s good. I mean, I’ve never really tried to get readers by publicity or anything but it’s so interesting.

See, you can also see how people find your blog; what they type in a search engine in order to find my pages.

Recently, more and more people seem to be finding my blog through searching for Jade Goody. I mentioned her in a post ages ago and now people, hungry for their latest dose of meaningless celebrity bullshit are finding my blog through their love and obsession for Jade.

But there’s something else.

The top search engine referral is not ‘Jade Goody’.

It’s ‘Jade Goody nude’ or ‘Jade Goody naked’ or, if you want, the masterblaster… ‘Jade Goody naked topless’.

What the fuck?

But you want to know what’s better, now I’ve written those words together, back-to-back, I’m even more likely to come up.

It’s a hit I’ll have to take. They just want the kebab shot.