Watched a programme…

August 21, 2007

The Oldest Person In The World. CHANNEL FOUR.

I taped a bit of a programme last night by accident after leaving the timer on from a film the night before. The TV rolled and a documentary played as they, the oldest people in the world (from 101 to 113 years old, to the longest living person in the world, 114-year-old Emma). Was living too long a burden? What was their secret to living so long? Could they even hear the question?

There was a moment in the programme when one lady, Charlotte, told of how she didn’t like being over a century of age, I think she was 110. But she didn’t say hardly anything. Her body, her face, the tear in her eye said it all. The voiceover relayed how she had outlived her children. Was she shappy? Evidently not. As they moved her to a new abode (her care home was shutting down) she changed an earlier answer to a question; her perfect age to live to was no longer 100, it was now 90 years old.



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