world picture service.

November 18, 2007

Ok, so I’m really bad at this. I just never post, I don’t get regular… never mind.


So today (cue fanfare), let’s share something. Something I meant to share a long time ago. This website (err… the big picture) is the World Picture Service.


World Picture Service




It’s an amazing set of pictures taken by a guy who travelled round in a car, as he drove from Amsterdam to India and Nepal and back again. They restore my faith in life somehow. All the images were taken in 1976 to 1977. Amazing images.





2 Responses to “world picture service.”

  1. Dean said

    Thats impressive, great post Mr Grainger.

    The bloke actually looks a bit like you! ha

  2. Frank said

    I am the “guy” who did the trip by 2CV4 from Amsterdam to India and back home again in 1976/77
    My name is Frank. Nice to meet you.
    Thanks for showing that Flickr-page, including a link.
    For my own website (in Dutch) please, have a look at:

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