inadvisable? is a name used to collate media by James Grainger.

inadvisable? has existed as a ‘concept’ (and I shudder to use that word) since 2001 and was originally just a tag to identify these things with myself. It was launched as a blog in late June 2006 and hopefully, it will continue!

I ask that any reproductions of material from this site be credited in line with the Creative Commons license indicated. For more info on this, see

Any thoughts and comments are gratefully received, for a private thought, email myself at
Many, many thanks to WordPress for this being free and be gentle!

Stay Beautiful.



2 Responses to “about”

  1. Starla said

    Always hate to see an inspired writer grow frustrated due to lack of response.

    We do what we do – for many things. The idea that we might be able to show a reader something old, but in a new light that inspires them. The idea that someone may read what we write and change their life, their behavior, their actions… based on what they’ve read.

    It happens. Readers just aren’t good at telling us about it.

    Don’t assume that lack of response means lack of RESPONSE. They just aren’t used to writing being a medium that they can respond to.

    Don’t give up. If you love to write- keep writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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