Guten Tag,i'm enraged!

So blogging seems to be dying a very slow death for myself lately. The cull of the Internet access at home, now multiplied with glorious long night debates about future living situations has left me wondering whether I’m ever gonna get Broadband ever again.

And I was enjoying it so much.

Anywho, work is work, life is life, but whatever the situation and whatever the time, there’s always pictures and music. So today (and admittedly this post is being written at work in my lunch break…) we talk about music very quickly.

Quite excited today, Nine Inch Nail’s new album, Year Zero, comes out which I will hopefully purchase this afternoon. (edit: just bought it, great artwork from Trent again, looks so bloody stylish)

I wrote about it’s insane marketing campaign a while back but here comes the real test, the music. What I’ve heard (visit and type in ‘Nine Inch Nails’) I have for the most side absolutely loved. How it all strings together, and the narrative of the piece will become clearer the more and more we get along.

Personally, I’ve always loved Trent Reznor, but I find him much more appealing if I feel the music is developed and subtle and not just ‘had’ and shouty for the sake of it. How a man can write Starfuckers, Inc., alongside La Mer puzzles the hell out of me. But some of the new songs, My Violent Heart, for example, are powerful, emotive and feel like they’ve been loved. I can’t wait.

Also, I love Queens of the Stone Age and Josh Homme has done a really long interview with Pitchfork about their new album…  the Era Vulgaris. If you like Queens, you should definitely read it. There’s also a version of the song Josh did with Trent Reznor, for the album, Era Vulgaris, over on MySpace under their new profile. I can’t listen to it properly as I’m at work, but I will later.

“I’ll play a game til I’m dead…”

Homme is such a legend though, the interview’s good, interesting.

“You know, it’s like that old saying: “Drink one beer, but you’re not an alcoholic. But play one cowbell, and you’re a cowbellaholic.””

Anywho. Later we’ll take about some cool images I found from a nice gent on flikr. He’s just sent me a mail. Nice bloke. Really good pix.




March 14, 2007

but my Internet access at home is down at the moment. I was really enjoying this lately too, what a shame.

Anywho, normal service will resume next week (hopefully!).

Thank you for looking,


new year, same stuff.

January 2, 2007

Happy New Year and all that malarky to anyone who reads. The ego within me wants to point out that my New Year’s resolution is to be more productive. Considering I haven’t posted since before Christmas, and actually missed having a January 1 post, I would say it’s already not going well. However, productivity is not so defined, so I’ll suppose I’m the only one who will know. One thing I definitely want to do, is start my novel all over again, afresh, this year, and hope it goes better.  I also want to finally put up all of a month in maroc – my novella on Morocco. Again, here’s hoping.

But I would like to put one thing on record (so I can look back on this late in the year) that this year, 2007 (how weird), I’m hoping to finally organise inadvisable? – an evening with red zebra + friends, at a venue yet to be decided, on a date yet to be decided, with bands… again… yet to be decided. It will be a Christmas spectacular, at a hired venue, with hopefully some of our good friends…

But who are red zebra? Why is there no music from them on this page?

Why Sir, that is because I’m lazy. One day. Next post…

eyes.jpgHaven’t updated this in ages. Poor effort really, this was meant to run as a test, see whether I had enough to say about life to justify this. I suppose the conclusion may be obvious, but I’ll try. I’d like to anyway. Tomorrow we will talk about Mansun. We will talk about Paul Draper and Dominic Chad and Andie and Stove. This band were everything you could get by luck, talent, jam and art. Tomorrow I’ll try.