times-front-page.jpgSo the Times relaunched their website this week. I think there are bugs as some of the pictures are missing etc. but I have other issues…

Two things, why have a lime green header if all the headlines are in blue? Surely that’s a bit estupido? It just looks crap.

Second of all… they have this new ‘Times Recommends’ banner… I kinda think they should be a bit careful what they put in there… or at least attempt to phrase it a bit better! What do you think?


Bit inappropriate?

However, they do have some respect with me (despite being Murdoch-ised) – I do like this from John Henley in the Guardian about the website’s launch…

“We just adore the new Times website! So lime-green, so unlikely! Also, for most of yesterday, so down, and, on Sunday night, so entertaining! “Sorry, Times Online has gone to the pub,” it said, above a picture of a pint of beer. “We have finished building our new-look website and are having a drink while our friendly geeks connect it to the internet.” Bless”

At least that’s a good sense of humour… shame about the website.




January 31, 2007

Taken at an environmental rally, 2006. ‘Hate breeds hate’.



the edge of the storm.

January 15, 2007

the edge of the storm.

x, J.

mother mary.

December 15, 2006

mother mary

I took this in Lago di Garda earlier this year and used it as a small thumbnail for a poem I wrote years ago, Mother Mary. I like it so much I wanted to put it up. Also on my flikr. The white is essential I think.


I’ve created my own Christmas card for this year, with the help of my sister. I’m not allowed to show you hers. But mine, which does have a element of sarcastic comedy in it (I hope that’s clear) is here…

My Crimbo card

I really enjoyed this man’s post off of his blog too…

Night, night.



This is my current favourite picture. I just love the sheer, unbridled joy and innocence of this picture. I took it a few weeks ago (on my mobile phone!) at the iCount rally about global warming that took place in Trafalgar Square, London. Over 30,000 people attended that day and afterwards, people who had been dressed in fancy dress costume even stood around in the cold, entertaining little ones – like this young girl. When she saw the panda, it had its back to her and she tapped it on the back. When it turned around to give her a big hug, her smile was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

There’s a new poem on the pinboard here (it was written when very, very drunk).

oh, and i have a flikr account with some pictures here.



November 15, 2006




July 29, 2006

Been thinking about how we visualise and see things, after the below London project pictures. It’s all about how you see and frame it.


the London project.

July 24, 2006

Latest addition  is the London Project – a series of images taken by my good friend, Dean Rowden.
Dean is a non-professional photographer and – inspired by a sunny day, a few jars and smoke – we spent a day marauding around Londinium taking some pictures. My images are not quite as good, although there are some which may be uploaded soon. These resulting images by Dean, which can be seen by clicking the thumbnail below, are now uploaded for your viewing pleasure.
Things to note particuarly are the depth of the pictures. The two foreground shots are beautifully detailed, one is a piece of artwork that sits by the Thames, the other one of the very top of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
St. Paul’s features heavily actually, with three images using it’s towering presence as its focus. Standing tall, they hark back to the famous Blitz images, when its dome outlasted the airstrikes.
Finally, there are also images of Tower Bridge and the London Eye – iconic images from the capital’s landscape.

To see more, click the thumbnail below or visit the ‘Images’ section.


The London project

sweaty john & morroco.

June 28, 2006

A couple of pictures have been added. These are an image from the Majorelle garden in Marrakesh, and the 180-metre waterfall at Cascades d’Ouzoud, three hours drive from Marrakesh.
My friend, Fatboy, and myself visited Morrocco in late 2005 and spent time at Ouzoud, chilling, sleeping in a berber tent and chatting to a wise man from the nearby Sahara. We stayed at a campsite near the ‘falls, called Camping La Pinard. It was immensely, immensely cool. Pictures can be seen here.
Also added is a short story, ‘Sweaty John’ written years ago at university whilst under the influence. I haven’t re-read it yet, but I have yet to upload additional stories, so I think it should go up! It’s posted under the writing & stories section- here.
My good friend, Shandy T. McDonald assisted me, I vaguely remember(!). He’s a top bloke, but he does insist that he’s Scottish, when he was born in Reading.

Also some thoughts on a Tool concert, 14.06.200, at Hammersmith Apollo.