Jees, people just keep on getting them at work in the office. Mental stuff. Having said that, work is 80-odd per cent women. I suppose you’ve got to though really, aint you, otherwise you’ll be in serious trouble.

It is the only day of the year where people have to pay to get laid, though.

Am I really that cynical?

Dunno, nah, probably not actually. It’s weird being single at Valentine’s though, your role is to make those in love feel better about themselves. By being bitter and unhappy you can ensure that others feel better to be together. That way they can all feel happy and joyous in their own love.

I was thinking though, I haven’t sent out a ‘Love ?’ card in ages. Maybe I need that kind of weird excitement? I dunno. I think the people I love know I love them. At least sub-consciously at least if they can’t read me…

Wish I had shares in Interflora though – make a fucking bomb today!