staring at the sun…

February 28, 2007

Since I posted about Nine Inch Nails, I keep on listening to the Downward Spiral and the Fragile. They’re amazing LPs, NIN are just dismissed by a lot of people but as albums, as pieces of art, I just think they work so well.

Anywho, while I was on YouTube (legitimately for work I might add), I stumbled across the video below. The song, Sunspots is from With Teeth, the most recent album (until a month or so’s time when Year Zero hits). Admittedly Sunspots is not my favourite NIN track but it works so well in this context. The creator, rjgfoundry, whoever he is, has edited a Mars pathfinder animation to the song with great skill and aplomb. Listen to the song’s development and rhythm and it works really well with the video.

I think it’s worth 4 mins or so.


mmmmmm…………… wish I’d made this.I guess this is kind of a farewell message to my life… Bacon will soon send me six feet under.
Imagine my surprise, reading the news today when I learned that Harvard boffins (love that word, oh, and also ‘boff-job’ – I mean, what does that mean?!) had concluded that eating bacon gives you bladder cancer! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Apparently some little things called nitrosamines and heterocyclic amines are to blame. The bar stewards. How dare they?! I’m incandescent with rage!
But, upon closer inspection, it seems that it’s only a problem if you eat bacon five or more times a week? Who does that (apart from truck drivers, roadies and cabbies)? So the headline of the news articles – “Bacon link to Bladder Cancer” for the BBC, “Cancer warning over the bacon sandwich” for the Express – well, they’re factually correct at least.
Oh, and when you read the story a bit further on, you learn something very interesting…

“The researchers also found people who ate bacon and other processed meats frequently were also more likely to smoke and to take in more fat and fewer vitamins. They were also less likely to exercise.”

This is it! Even I can see that! It’s lifestyle you eegits, stop blaming perfectly good bacon when it’s done nothing wrong to you. All it’s been to you is a friend on a hangover morning when you’re head is pounding and your mouth feels like a small rodent crawled into it during the night and died.
So it’s ok.

Fry me a rasher, I’ll be back for breakfast.

BBC News story here…