Too many YouTubes? I can’t particularly write right now. Observe and listening seems easier, too much going on… it’s exciting.

Found this atmospheric, black and white piece that was made by a few people, then posted on YouTube.

Here’s how they put it…

Final version of a video shot to Interpol’s “Hands Away.” Directed by Andy Bruce; starring Taylor Patterson. Serapolis.

Anyway, have a look, I like it.



again and again…

June 4, 2007


the sun is shit.

May 31, 2007

Having a go at the sun is a bit like shooting dead fish in an dry barrell, but today they set themselves a new standard of respect with the front page of their website.

First, there’s a story about a butterfly that landed on the head of mother of missing child, Madeline McCann. I’m not going to go there, but it’s a nice gentle touch for a newspaper that spends its hours making a load of stuff up, trying to indoctrinate everyone in the country into hating certain segments of society and trying to slate everything and everyone 24/7.

But the bit that shows truly what the sun is about is the left hand side of the screen.

As everyone in this country is no doubt aware, Big Brother has returned to Channel Four in England. The makers, deciding to start with an all-female house, have set a new agenda for reality television. What will these females say about feminity and modern Britain? What impact will it have on the way women are perceived?

Well, the sun has chosen to focus on the important issues of the show, rather than focus on the day’s news. As well you can gague from the headline…

the sun is shit

That says it all. But it’s most definitely not all. What headline news stories do the sun highlight as imperative to today’s news?

– EMILY – “I’d do naked film” (sic)
– CHANELLE – shows undies
– SHABS – “I speak Spanish”

For fuck’s sake. As I said, why have a go at them?

I just wanted to.


It’s funny how people trigger memories, things forgotten and left in your nogin. They sit there, just waiting to be remembered and blared into your headspace, whenever you should begin to recall them.

One I’ve recently had is a song from a band I don’t even really know, or own any of their albums – Elbow. They crafted four minutes and forty-eight seconds of absolute beauty back in… (just go look it up… patience…) 2001 with a song called ‘Scattered Black and Whites‘. It appeared as the closing track on ‘Asleep in the Back‘, which had a lead single, ‘Any Day Now‘, which I’m sure a few people remember.

Anyway, this song is absolutely gorgeous. It is an absolute triumph of colour and timbre to suit a lyric. Beautiful. The ‘scattered’ feeling is immediately conveyed from the brushed drumming, but I think it’s the piano in the song that makes me want to cry. Or at least curl up and fluff the pillow.

Now, I don’t think I can store mp3s on here, but I did a search on and someone posted this song on their blog just 31 hours ago. Amazing. Someone’s thinking of the same song! To download the song, go to this blog here…. 

People and memories triggering reactions, brain processes that can spark off memories of the past; assessment, nostalgia.

A tool for this is Facebook. It’s so popular nowadays, it’s almost unreal. Everyday a different person from the past comes back into your life. Some things great, some things shit, but so’s day-to-day life. ‘Confirm, deny or reject‘ – the choice is yours.

Now a lot of people bang on about how they don’t want anyone seeing ugly pictures of them online, or let anyone ‘iStalk’ them, bosses etc. etc. etc. I pretty much allow everyone to be my friend; if someone puts up a horrible picture of me and tags it for the world to see (insert pic here), well, then I guess it’s my fault for posing in the first place. It’s me. It’s actually what you look like.

I don’t know, I shouldn’t slate people just for thinking it’s rubbish or imposing. It probably is both those things. Each unto their own. But if you want to, just do it. What the fuck does it matter anyway?

In years to come, I’m sure that there’ll be stuff about you on there anyway, only this time, you won’t get to control the flow of information.


burn my shadow.

May 29, 2007

Actually quite excited this lunchtime; there’s a new UNKLE album coming out that I completely wasn’t aware of. I don’t think it’s out for a while, but the first video from it is quite nicely weird and features some guy from ER. Once you see the clock, you almost have to listen to the end of the song; good idea from the marketing peeps…


UNKLE – Burn My Shadow


May 22, 2007

Not much to write, but I wanna make sure I post, so here’s two little things (refreshed!)…

it all came down to this.                           life through txt.

I like these anyway. The first was written almost exactly a year ago following my first day at my current workplace, a breast cancer charity.

The second is a collection of genuine text messages, all saved to my phone during my time at university. There are some, shall we say, more personal ones that I’ve left out due to respect to people and I’ve referred to people as vaguely as I can, for example, in pseudonyms.


(if you bother to read, happy birthday Ange!)

the cutty sark.

May 21, 2007

cuttysark.jpgThis is really sad. I remember the old man taking me to the Cutty Sark as a child with the family.

Such a shame. If some prat did start this deliberately (they’re saying they saw people in the area before on CCTV) they’re an absolute 100% wanker.

Maybe give them a fiver. Help them out.


Carlos DIT seems Carlos D from Interpol is not just happy being in a phenomenal band; he also sees himself as a film composer!

After stumbling across this news item from Pitchfork (complete with nice picture of him and his dog – how cute is that?! – from the website), I’ve found that his aspirations are great – he wants to make magical music for those movies!

His website, as Pitchfork says, is bizzare. What it seems he’s done is compose some scores, then add them onto movies/TV already made. I wanted to embed these, but you’ll have to view them on his website…


Planet of the Apes is even in there! Most of it is nicely ambient.

What I haven’t watched yet but will as soon as I can is the short film online. Not the promo video, this is a short film he scored called Golgotha. I’ll see it over the weekend hopefully.

It’s interesting finding out his kit though (his bio is brilliant), and seeing what he does when he’s not posing, smoking into a microphone and rocking a bass guitar via a holster.

What a guy.


interpol; koko; 15.05.2007;
pioneer to the falls/obstacle1/narc/say hello to the angels/take you on a cruise/mammoth/slow hands/leif erikson/the heinrich manuever/evil/not even jail/length of love/stella was a diver and she was always down/pda


interpol, koko

SHOW me the dirt pile, and I will pray that the soul can take, three stowaways; vanish with no guile, and I will not pay, but the soul can wait. The soul can wait.

Not even a word is said before the opening notes tinkle across the crowd and Paul Banks starts to sing. Two years and a month in the waiting, Interpol have returned to me. I just hope by the ‘dirt pile’, he doesn’t mean the 1,500 people sweating and looking up at him with their mouths aghast.

By the time Pioneer to the Falls has finished, many have eased in. The riff to Obstacle 1 hits and the place goes mental. Everyone rushes forward, including myself, and the gig has arrived.

If there’s one thing about Interpol that catches, the elusiveness of the group; their refusal to define or discuss lyrics, their stylish dress and appearance (apart from the bushy moustache currently on the upper lip of Carlos) – it just all adds up and keeps you wondering. How else can you explain people screaming “her love’s a pony, my love’s subliminal” and it each meaning a different thing to different people?

This is a pre-album gig. Hastily arranged, it was one of these magical occasions when you buy tickets and realise that’s actually only 14 days until you see them – and not four or five months as normal. The set is packed with songs that are known. They rampage and roll through classics from Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics, each delivering the crowd into an uncontrolled urge to bounce. Try listening to Slow Hands, before the chorus, and see if you can’t imagine a crowd itching to bounce when the word “spies” hits.

Not Even Jail stumbled but its sheer force seemed to carry it through. That song just reverberates through your chest as it’s played. Take me on a Cruise eases in and my arms link with the person next to me. The encore rolls on and gives us Length of Love, Stella and brilliantly to end, PDA. A mention should go to the Heinrich Maneuver, received brilliantly by everyone, powering like Slow Hands to a frantic climax, showing just how many fans download music before it’s out.

But it’s Say Hello to the Angels that I remember vividly. That song moves you, rolls you and puts you slap bang in a cathartic event, with people knowing every word, shouting a wave of force back to the band.

And while all this unfolds around you, Carlos is there; wandering around, sneaking glances at the other three and smoking into the microphone.

But it wasn’t perfect. The main disappointment was with the venue, the sound just didn’t translate. During new song, Mammoth, I couldn’t really hear a word of Paul. Arguably, if I didn’t love this band so much I’d pick up on more, but Interpol are emotive, they are there for your involvement and you choose your level; stand at the back nodding your head, bounce with the masses or, like me scream the lines that mean the world to you as loud as you can. No moment gives me shivers like the “you should be in my place, you should be in my space” line in Narc. That song means the world to me.

But it’s great. They come, they go too quickly and I feel exhausted by the end of it. I’ve read some reviews already, with people saying the crowd weren’t totally into it. They obviously weren’t standing where I was and they obviously weren’t in their own little world, as much I was.

So as the sweat dries off and I wander outside, I am resenting a position that’s past resentment; ages ’til the next one. Just as long as it’s not two years again.


Seeing Interpol tonight. Should be three new songs from Our Love to Admire. CanNOT wait! More tomorrow (hopefully!)…

our love to admire

josh.jpgA WEEK or so ago, I fulfilled a six year dream. It’s taken me this long to let it leave my head and judge it properly. Maybe this comes off as too personal rather than informative, but tonight was most definitely personal.

Queens of the Stone Age, the magnificent ensemble fronted by Josh Homme, played a tiny gig in central London last week, at the infamous 100 Club. Apparently chosen by the band themselves, the venue was absolutely perfect; intimate, only a slightly risen stage and thin. My friend and I – Mikael – arrived early and decided to queue around 7ish. We met a lovely lass, Michelle, and her husband in the queue, chatted and eventually got in. We got a beer and then actually noticed where we were… and just how fucking small it was. Five or six people were already there, but there was only one place to go:

Right at the fucking front.

But first, some background. I love Queens. Never has such a band had a permanent groove. For years I’ve wanted to see this band and a while back, I got a ticket to a show. Unfortunately, (and not just personally here) the show fell on an awful day – July 7. Needless to say, Queens never played.

Josh and co came back later that year. They just happened to re-arrange the gig at a good venue, Koko in Camden, and even filmed it, along with another show. They made a DVD of it – you may have seen it. Unfortunately I was in Morocco travelling with my friend, Fatboy.

Since then, nothing. Until tonight.

I visit the Rekords Rekords forum now and again, check sites for Queens news and yesterday, while surfing NME for shitty news, I saw the most amazing thing – Intimate Queens Show. I went on, tried to grab tickets, and got fuck all. But I’m persistent.

About 600 F5 refreshes on my Firefox browser at work later… I had two from a resale. Mikael and myself were there. Nothing could stop us now. I had to skip a softball game at work – our debut no less, I know, not the ‘hippest sport’ – but it’s Queens. There’s no choice.

I nearly cried with joy and ended up banging on about it at work for hours. People probably told me to shut up about it. I would’ve realised.

Cut to 9pm, my legs are aching, I have a man’s hand in my back pushing and am wedged between the pushing mosh and the ass of the girl in front. I wish I’d bought another beer. Too late now. Lose the place.

So when they came out it was a huge peak, I thought maybe I’d overlike it. If I’d put out my arm, I would’ve been playing Josh’s guitar. Amazing. The guy is massive. And so it began.

Misfit Love nearly blew my head off and that was the first song, it was forceful, it was powerful, it had groove and it took me about three minutes to realise that the riff hadn’t even changed yet. It was whizzing me by already. I was sweating too. It was just so fucking hot.

Now a lot of ‘critics’ have put their two cents in since and said how disappointing this gig was. Fuck them. This wasn’t for you, this wasn’t for Mr Drowned in Sound I want a greatest hits set – this was to air the new album to close fans. Not journalists. Fans. Sure, you all got in (there’s a LOT of reviews out there for such a secret gig), but that’s down to the management and probably your persistence and mild threats of bad album reviews. That’s why the link for tickets was mailed to only certain people. Sure, I’d love to have heard some of my favourite songs in the world but that’s because I’ve never seen them before. I was more than happy.

Sick Sick Sick, 3s and 7s, Turning on the Screw – these stand out incredibly. 3s and 7s is an amazing riff-driven song that moves on, before inwardly wanking itself off into a joyous tangent. A bass breakdown later and it throws you back into it’s main riff with Homme’s guitar squealing above everything. Outstanding. Sick Sick Sick is probably one of the phattest (with a ‘ph’) songs that I’ve heard live in ages; c-c-c-c-come on.

See everyone there was so joyous, just dancing, ecstatic that they’d even got tickets (I found out afterwards that most of these were the Queens messageboard regulars, who’d helped each other out with guest tickets to guarentee everyone got in).

But some old songs were there, to whip the crowd into a frenzy. I have never heard any drumming like Joey’s in ages. He’s just immense. It was just so relentless, powering and movement-inducing. Mexicola came and went too quickly, as did Little Sister and In My Head. By the time Song for the Dead finished, I felt like I was going to collapse, purely from listening to drumming that quick. If the phrase ‘speed metal’ was ever invented for anything, it was most definitely that.

A girl climbed on stage and kissed Josh whilst he played. Homme raised his Corona to the crowd and drank in tandem. New bassist, Mikey, threw some amazing shapes, stances and twirled his hair like a maniac to the beat. The crowd moved with the beats. Nearly everyone there was awesome, friendly and most importantly… absolutely loving it.

I met one guy, blue t-shirt who’s name escapes me, but singing along to Mexicola with him was so much fun. I’ve really forgotten the simple pleasure of just dancing, singing and thrusting your hand to the ceiling shouting the words of ‘my favourite song’.

And as I sit here writing this now, wearing my skinny white T (£15 from the stand), all I can do is type and listen to them. As Mr Homme and 300 people shouted last week, ‘It’s in my head, and I need it.’


Just in case…  call my friend Ben and speak to us about renting two rooms in our house in Hackney, London…


Now then, now then! This is ridiculously over exciting…

I am a huge fan of Interpol. I thought, and still think, that Turn on the Bright Lights is one of the best records I’ve ever heard. Antics is amazing too, and has Narc on it, which is one of my favourite, favourite songs.

Anywho, Mr Banks and co. are back in their dark ways again, playing a series of shows before their new album, I think called Moderation, comes out later this year.

They’re not playing anywhere that I can get to but luckily some beautiful, amazing, brilliant person has ripped a few of the new songs as videos and shoved them on YouTube. Just hope they stay there long enough!



Heinrich Maneuver

Mammoth (shot over some guy’s shoulder!):

famous on football365

April 17, 2007

I’m famous. Second letter down…,17033,8744_2069024,00.html

Not Loving The Boy ronaldo

“Imagine the stage. Imagine the grin. Imagine the £50,000 earring twinkling in his earlobe. Imagine the wink.

“And the PFA Player of Year is…” (five-minute delay for suspense)…cristiano ronaldo.”

Imagine how millions of kids picking up footballs across the country will walk onto the park with their 7 – RONALDO shirts.

Imagine how they will get within shooting distance, prepare themselves for the effort, think about it and then hurl themselves to the ground as soon as someone comes within breathing distance, arching their backs and exaggerating the effort. Then they’ll run up to the referee shouting in their loudest voice and swearing in his face…Oh, no, sorry, that’s Rooney. Well, never mind, he’ll be young player of the year.

Does anyone else consider it wrong that we reward cheating, whinging moaners? Players with no honour, no concept of sportsmanship.

I do. I think we should reward people who play the game in the right way. The ones that don’t go to ground at every opportunity, for example.

Yes, team’s have divers. Some though, are considerably worse than others. Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t make it right.

I remember watching ronaldo this year. Everyone had told me how he straightened out, was staying on his feet this year. I then saw the guy go down and win a penalty. I thought to myself, ‘no, this is the new ronaldo. Apparently.’ When I got home, what did I see?

A huge great whopping, swan-arch back, as if the grass had turned into a swimming pool.

Sometimes it’s worth making a point.

What a load of bollocks. It’s exactly what the PFA are always missing. Balls. The worst thing of it all? He doesn’t even need to do it, he chooses to. He chooses to go down.”



Guten Tag,i'm enraged!

So blogging seems to be dying a very slow death for myself lately. The cull of the Internet access at home, now multiplied with glorious long night debates about future living situations has left me wondering whether I’m ever gonna get Broadband ever again.

And I was enjoying it so much.

Anywho, work is work, life is life, but whatever the situation and whatever the time, there’s always pictures and music. So today (and admittedly this post is being written at work in my lunch break…) we talk about music very quickly.

Quite excited today, Nine Inch Nail’s new album, Year Zero, comes out which I will hopefully purchase this afternoon. (edit: just bought it, great artwork from Trent again, looks so bloody stylish)

I wrote about it’s insane marketing campaign a while back but here comes the real test, the music. What I’ve heard (visit and type in ‘Nine Inch Nails’) I have for the most side absolutely loved. How it all strings together, and the narrative of the piece will become clearer the more and more we get along.

Personally, I’ve always loved Trent Reznor, but I find him much more appealing if I feel the music is developed and subtle and not just ‘had’ and shouty for the sake of it. How a man can write Starfuckers, Inc., alongside La Mer puzzles the hell out of me. But some of the new songs, My Violent Heart, for example, are powerful, emotive and feel like they’ve been loved. I can’t wait.

Also, I love Queens of the Stone Age and Josh Homme has done a really long interview with Pitchfork about their new album…  the Era Vulgaris. If you like Queens, you should definitely read it. There’s also a version of the song Josh did with Trent Reznor, for the album, Era Vulgaris, over on MySpace under their new profile. I can’t listen to it properly as I’m at work, but I will later.

“I’ll play a game til I’m dead…”

Homme is such a legend though, the interview’s good, interesting.

“You know, it’s like that old saying: “Drink one beer, but you’re not an alcoholic. But play one cowbell, and you’re a cowbellaholic.””

Anywho. Later we’ll take about some cool images I found from a nice gent on flikr. He’s just sent me a mail. Nice bloke. Really good pix.



Every year, without fail, it becomes a fucking mission to get Glastonbury tickets. Registration this year. 178,000 tickets, 400,000 registered. Not great chances, but a good percentage to work off.

You hear the alarm, fall out of bed, make a quick brew and sit at a computer wasting the day of rest. You call, you redial, you IE, you Firefox, you f5 refresh repeatedly,  multiple tabs open, 10, 11, 12 tabs; you despair, you sweat, you swear, you write offensive swear words in size 24 font and email them to your friends who are doing the same, you visit obscure forums and chatrooms to try and get a secret link to the page, you refresh, you brew, you think about giving up

and then…

you see the screen…

you can’t believe it.  Is it real? You frantically fill out the details, you do screen, after screen, after screen, you cut and paste from notepad, you type in your friend’s debit card details and think about whether he’d notice if you did some shopping, you get to the last page and you ‘CLICK TO ORDER’. You see the screen.

Thank you for your order

You have ordered:
4 ADULT 16+ ticket(s)
for Glastonbury 2007

Your reference number will be emailed to you along with confirmation of your order within the next 24 hours.
Please note some email accounts may have difficulty receiving the confirmation email due to spam filters. For advice on how to solve this problem please click here

UK customers

You will receive an email informing you when your Glastonbury ticket(s) have been posted out to you.

Your tickets will be posted to the address you have supplied. Tickets will be sent by Special Delivery and a signature will be required on receipt.

Please note – this transaction will appear on your statement as “GLASTONBURY“.

Tickets may not be transferred to another name.

Glastonbury. Again. Fucking get in.

At 10.40, with my tickets secured, I refresh the page; just for curiosity. All tickets without coach travel now sold. Only coach left. That means probably by 11.00 all are gone. 2 hour sell out? 2 and a half? New record surely

But I can sigh, I’m there again. My ticket purchase record is still intact.

2004 – 30 minutes
2005 – approx. 17 mins
2007 – 1 hr 30 mins-ish

Not bad. But it’s getting harder and harder. Fucking powerful and just in time!


BTW: My Internet is still down at the mo, but as I’m at a computer, thought I’d write something quickly.

Brilliant. I may not have Internet access but nothing would’ve stopped me posting this bit of amazing singing from Mr. T., legend of the A-Team!

x, J.


March 14, 2007

but my Internet access at home is down at the moment. I was really enjoying this lately too, what a shame.

Anywho, normal service will resume next week (hopefully!).

Thank you for looking,


Whether I have to beg or steal, I need to go.

I was thinking to myself today of the last time. In 2005, as I sat in the stone circle with my friends on the last evening of the festival, I asked myself the question ‘Did you you have a good time?’. And the answer was a resounding yes. I’m been made tentless, I was soaked, I’d been in the same clothes for 4 days and I didn’t give a fuck. I thought to myself today, I don’t want to be watching it on the tele, kicking myself in the head for not struggling to get there. I’ll be sick.

I used to think it’d be a lovely idea to go every year, (touch wood) hopefully with a family in later days, taking them along and just going Glastonbury every year. That’s a pipe dream but I do think I’d like to go as much as I can. I’m sure I’ll miss years, but I love the concept so much.

Another thing is (and this is quite horrible for some people, not me) that I have the wristbands from 2004 and 2005 still on my wrist. They’ve been with me ages now, some guy when I was in Morocco even asked to take one from me (he was never gonna get it and they’re metal clapsed anyway). Still, they shower with me, they wash with me, I don’t think it’s filthy. I have a lot of other sub-teenage crap on my wrist anyway so it fits. Anywho, it’s like having a reminder, a tattoo, without the expense, pain or regret. I can just cut them off if I want. But they have to return, another must be added, this is a contract almost. It’s essential to my mental health (for the next year) that I go.

But with Glastonbury, I don’t know what it is exactly. Sure it’s commercialised now or whatever and it’s not hippies anymore but there are so many amazing things going for it. I’ve never seen one bit of violence, everyone is nice and friendly and there’s so much to do other than watching music. It inspires me every time I’m there. It’s like a village erects itself from nowhere and vanishes just as quickly as it arrived. A ghost village. It’s just an experience. It’s an institution. It may not be what it used to be (so I’m repeatedly told), but what it is now is pretty fucking amazing and exhilarating nonetheless.devastation

Last time, my friends and I were subjected to the awful flooding, like this picture on the right. I woke up in the morning to shouting outside, feeling a bit wet and opened my eyes just in time to see my phone floating in water. Then I opened my tent door – big mistake – water came flooding in and as I frantically grabbed my things, I laughed as I saw my mate Softlad, floating on his airbed inside his tent.

We were slap bang in the middle of this flooding and later, our tents became completely submerged in water. Even funnier, the septic tank in the nearby toilets burst too, thus contaminating every thing that we left behind.

After listening to the first hour of the festival on Radio 1, while drying off in our car, we rocked out and had the best fucking time. We slept in the Acoustic stage (essentially a massive marquee) with the wind whipping in, wrapped sleeping in those metal blankets they give to shock victims. It was hilarious. My next day was my birthday and I quickly realised that upon waking up, you had to get plastered. It was the only way to ensure you didn’t become miserable at your plight.

But that’s Glastonbury. You don’t care. You muck in, you get wasted, and as you watch the sun come up over the stone circle on the last night, you’re smiling your head off having a brilliant time.

I remember a moment, in 2004 (see pix below), as Supergrass played on the main stage. The rain came pouring down, really hard, and in the middle of the storm, with a wet j and 9% pear cider in my hand the sun came out magnificently, creating a beautiful rainbow. Then, if memory serves me right, I believe the band noticed and played ‘Sun Hits The Sky‘. It’s moments like these that make it. When everything comes together, connected, perfectly.

I’m there. I don’t care how I have to get there, I will try my hardest. I’ve just gotta hope and pray I get a ticket. I was debating before, but I am a yes man and I will be there (touch wood!)


N.B. Must post more but my Internet connection’s fucked at the moment.

pix below: the sun breaks through at Glastonbury…

as it chucks it down, the sun breaks through

chuckin’ it down

wonderful, wonderful Glastonbury mud

This is quite possibly my favourite song ever…


staring at the sun…

February 28, 2007

Since I posted about Nine Inch Nails, I keep on listening to the Downward Spiral and the Fragile. They’re amazing LPs, NIN are just dismissed by a lot of people but as albums, as pieces of art, I just think they work so well.

Anywho, while I was on YouTube (legitimately for work I might add), I stumbled across the video below. The song, Sunspots is from With Teeth, the most recent album (until a month or so’s time when Year Zero hits). Admittedly Sunspots is not my favourite NIN track but it works so well in this context. The creator, rjgfoundry, whoever he is, has edited a Mars pathfinder animation to the song with great skill and aplomb. Listen to the song’s development and rhythm and it works really well with the video.

I think it’s worth 4 mins or so.


celebrity skin.

February 26, 2007

goody.jpgI don’t wanna get on my high horse about celebrity and all that but this is just so transparent. So I am. Now Jade Goody, the prat off Big Brother, is in India. “A private visit.” If it’s so private, why are the paparazzi following you around everywhere? They couldn’t have been tipped off by your agent could they? You could go on a private visit, get a private plane, go into a hotel and tour the place. Don’t make a public entrance and tell everyone where you’re gonna eat a curry.  This is a woman who got £250 K or something like that (unaccurate stat) siphoned off her bank account before she even realised. She could fucking afford a private visit if she wanted.

This is a violent, aggressive, bully who was meant to represent an anti-bullying charity?

This is a lass who was accused of being racist, was stage-managed to an easy exit, got an easy ride in an interview that hardly even broached the subject, came out, went into ‘rehab’. Why did she get an easy interview? Who cares if her and Davina McCall have the same agent? This incest-esque relationship shouldn’t affect the programme. And now this new stuff about going to India. It’s everywhere, it was on the news.

Why do people eat this shit?

The celebrity skin is the persona, I suppose.


Ok… so I know Nine Inch Nails isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I think this is very interesting from a marketing POV and use of the Internet.

Their forthcoming album, Year Zero, is going to be concept album set in the future about the end of the world, with a bleak vision of the United States, its military and the way in which it treats citizens – drugging the population on two substances, dependent on who they are.

Trent Reznor (who is Nine Inch Nails and controls musical and artistic direction) has always been involved with the Internet, running a detailed blog for registered users of, the band’s website.

Currently on tour, Reznor has started deliberately leaking a few of the new album’s tracks, leaving them on Flash Drives in the venue’s toilets. So far this has happened in Lisbon and Madrid. Naturally, these tracks have appeared on the Internet to fans. This is not all.

Parallel to this, fans on the website discovered that the latest range NIN merchandise had highlighted or marked letters on it, spelling out “IAMTRYINGTOBELIEVE”. Someone then tried this as a website…

You need to highlight the text in order to read it on the sites.

The fan section of the official website then discovered further related sites to the original…  (which features a faked forum and audio clips) – highlight the picture and draw over it, more will be revealed

These websites suck the reader into this world, there is even the mention of a hand – known on the album as ‘the Presence’ – that comes down to earth from above.

This “alternate reality game” (as it’s called on Wikipedia) was designed by the same group who make the computer game, ‘Halo’.

It’s definitely a unique marketing campaign that’s attracted a good amount of interest in America.

Reznor says this will be the first of two concept albums, so wait and see what the next viral marketing campaign will be.

Much much more on the details of this in this MTV article (very well researched…


Scroll down and press play on the video. It’s just the song with one still image, listen & read.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Nick Drake’s Place to Be is one of the most compelling and longing songs I’ve ever heard. One of my favs.

place to be. Nick Drake.

when I was younger, younger than before
I never saw the truth hanging from the door
and now I’m older see it face to face
and now I’m older gotta get up clean the place.
and I was green, greener than the hill
where the flowers grew and the sun shone still
now I’m darker than the deepest sea
just hand me down, give me a place to be.
and I was strong, strong in the sun
I thought I’d see when day is done
now I’m weaker than the palest blue
oh, so weak in this need for you.

Immense. Three chords and the mood of longing, melancholy suits the expressions of the words and Drake’s fragile voice perfectly. Admittedly, the romanticism associated with the now-deceased musician helps, but you just believe it’s true. It sounds like it’s his words, like he means it and this is him. It has soul.

It’s a popular thought that he speaks of his head at the start of the song. Drake goes from childhood innocence to adult knowing very quickly. In each verse; the first lines conveying innocence and exuberance (‘younger than before’/‘greener’/‘strong’) to darkness and knowledge (‘older’/‘darker’/‘weaker’). The juxtaposition of idealistic nature, then the ‘deepest’ and ‘weakest’ blues illustrate how far he has come from his youth. Each verse, Drake doubts his youth and sees the dark, he realizes ‘the truth hanging from the door’ and realizes the pain before him.

It’s the ‘place’, unknown and unclarified, that stays with. The longing for a place to be. The desire. To rest, be grounded and content.

The beauty of this song arcs higher with the proclamation that he’s ‘so weak in this need for you’. It is undefined, layering it with connotations. Is it a person? Death? Sanity?

You will never know; the song’s ubiquitous in its longing and desire for the ‘place’. Just hope he has it now.

ADDITIONAL: For gee-tar aficionados… go to here … where Robin Frederick talks about Drake’s unique take on finger work and song construction.

Listen and enjoy – x, J.

place to be

running with the bulls.

February 17, 2007

This is where I’m going in July. There’ll be six of us, cruising in an RV across Spain, stopping off here, then following onto Benicassim. Might need to get some dodging practice in (see right hand side of the screen, 00:58 min).

Running with the bulls…