words. lyics. poems. extracts. works in progress.

words by James Grainger 2005, 2006.
epitaph in homage to tool.

Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is staring, looking at me,
In a Spanish grillhouse, in murky Tangier.
Why is she looking? Why does she stare?
At my eyes, at my face, every strand of my hair.
The waiter is talking, chatting us up,
For an extra mixed salad, to increase the cost.
But a void keeps returning, accompanying her gaze,
To remove any comfort and put doubt in its place.
As thousands and millions of faces die young,
And the elderly rot from the heat of the sun;
A city is flattened with rising waves,
Exposing and opening the truth to your face.
But all of it stands detached from my eyes,
And to say that I feel it would be just a lie,
So as I sit down to chew on some meat,
I’ll feel her eyes burning and long for release.

Today I saw a dancing man.

Today I saw a dancing man
and it filled me full of joy;
it encouraged me to open up
and share with you my joy.

I haven’t written in quite a while
and I feel guilty for it –
But then I saw a dancing man
and I thought: Fuck It.

A man sat next to me on a deserted bus
I thought it rather weird.
But my throat closed up and went dry n’ stuffdancing-man-jr.jpg
and I merely said ‘all right’.

Uncomfortable, out of place yet weirdly in between
I like it, but I couldn’t seem to find any resistance.

I got an email today
from someone I respect.
I do not know them
I do not feel them
But I know they speak their truth, at least.
But what worries me and disappoints me
is they may not know the truth.

Today I saw a dancing man
and laughed my fucking face off.
I laughed with him
I laughed at him
and I laughed most of all at myself.
I encouraged him
which encouraged me
To speak to me my truth.

That whatever I do,
and whoever I see,
and whoever I wish, or hope, or laugh,
or want to fuck,
that I know it’s always
my part,
my part of the world
And I’ll never think,
I’ll never disapprove
and I’ll never, ever know.

all tooled up.

all tooled up

and ready to go;
impatient for actionfight
nobody knows

the thoughts that run
your head.

the anger,
the rage,
their end.

turning up ready
it’s the reason
you’ve come

to compete as animal
and violence
and honour
and win

epitaph. (tool)

Open wide
and suck it in,
Feel the people
touch their skin.

Feel their essence
in the air
entering lungssunset-james.jpg
and exiting clear.

Devoid of nutrition,
& recycled of good,
It is cleansed by the plants,
The way that it should.

‘cause the circles are turning
on axes and suns,
And really,
you’d say:
It’s only just begun.

clean slate.

Fuck me, she grinned,
whispering slyly;
into my earlobe,
it echoed inside me.
Well I hadn’t realised,
I hadn’t the foggiest,
now she was the agressor –
the one who’d decided.

It just goes to show that
you never can guess –
you only know you
and none of the rest.
But I’d like to try –
instead of assuming –
to forget all my bias
and start anew.

So tell me,
who are you and
how do you do?

If I can do it –
I bet you can too.



5 Responses to “pinboard”

  1. Michael said

    The first four lines (well not so much the third!) is just Lateralus dude!! I refuse to believe that you weren’t aware of that. So I don’t.

  2. redzebra said

    That is kind of the point. Homage dude.

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    Marko Fando

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    its very interesting point of view.
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    thank you 😉

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