broaden your horizons with these interesting links…

tool. (&
mansun / paul draper.
sigur ros.
queens of the stone age.
dj shadow.
the dandy warhols.
nick drake.
pitchfork media.
hunger for the crash: official & myspace.
the album leaf.
nina gordon.
gustav mahler.
igor stravinsky.

Sebastian Salgado’s Genesis project.
cafe du monde.

charles bukowski.
bret easton ellis.
ernest hemmingway.
chuck palahniuk.
gabriel garcia marquez.

the big lebowski.
fight club.
apocalypse now redux.
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
david fincher.
maria full of grace.
withnail & i.
21 grams.
the motorcycle diaries.
goodbye lenin.
life is beautiful.

cascades d’ouzoud.
lago del garda.
manchu picchu.


wooster collective.

N.B. some of websites these are official, some not so…

7 Responses to “recommended”

  1. Michael said

    I reckon a link to and wouldn’t go amiss here! Cheers dude! x

    Much linkage will happen from our end too so don’t worry.

  2. Michael said

    Cheers for taking note of the above response dude-hole.

    Unfortunately the two links just take you to the inadvisable homepage!!! SORTITAAAAAIT! (In the nicest possible way!)

  3. adam said

    you have amazing music taste. seriously.

  4. adam said

    ok music i think you might like:

    godspeed you! black emperor (post-rock)
    yndi halda (post-rock)
    65daysofstatic (post-rock)
    the appleseed cast (indie)
    broken social scene (indie)
    stars (indie)

    just a few (no doubt you’ve probably heard them or something) but yeah.

  5. J said

    thanks very much dude. just about to run out of work to Interpol but thanks, that’s really cool. I’ll be sure to go have a look at yours tomo when I get a chance.

    Godspeed I know a bit, actually Broken Social Scene I downloaded some of but haven’t really had a chance to listen to yet.

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