red zebra? What the fuck is that?
red zebra is an ongoing musical project, that started way back inred zebra 2000 as a way to relieve boredom in A-Level classes and learn how to use recording equipment. It’s pretty much a place for music that has no obvious home and for ideas that are not particularly normal.
It has three founder members: Richard Campbell, James Grainger and Michael Pettit. Lots of people have guested too.

what type of music?
err… that’s pretty hard to say really. The feature length 21-track LP, ‘the random kollexion LP‘ featured at various times: rock, blues, ballads, musical portraits, metal, pop, cover versions, electro-drum freakout, vocal beatbox, funk, jazz etc. – sometimes all in one song.

any releases?
there are two independently-produced CDs to date, the ‘random monkey Corruption EP‘ and aforementioned ‘the random kollexion LP‘. Another will follow at some point, but we got halfway through it about a year ago and it kinda stalled. It’s not like there’s any deadlines.

not under the banner, red zebra, per se, although one day a Christmas gig will happen. Perhaps with animals on stage, although health and safety have something to say about that. Also, James is quite picky about playing in the ‘right place’ as it should foremost be a show for people, full of joy and happiness and mild alcoholism.

what else?
well, this is a side project, especially for Messrs. Campbell and Pettit, who in their real lives (and not their red zebra incarnations) are in a band called, Hunger For The Crash. This is their important one. Check them out at:

so what’s this thing below?
well, I can’t say I’ve checked with the other members yet, but I decided to post our most popular sweeping pop ballad, ‘Inconsequential’ online. It will be here next week, once I’ve switched computers. Orginally written in ten minutes, it won the prestigious Coopers’ Company & Coborn School Music Festival 2001 Orginal Composition, after some hefty improv-ing. Ok, maybe that competition wasn’t so prestigious, but the music was honestly done in ten minutes.Anyway, it was originally designed to be a show-stopper for a musical, that kind of thing. That’s why it’s so resplendent in its drama and Bon-Jovi-esque solo.This is a final version, recorded properly and performed beautifully. Another song may follow soon.

Inconsequential <FINAL VERSION> (link to work next week)
All songs are ours. Please recognise that. By all means download it, but they’re still our interllectual property.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales License.
inconsequential – red zebra Campbell/Grainger/Pettit


2 Responses to “red zebra”

  1. Michael said

    Yo fuckwit – put up the goddamn song already!

    I put a link to this on the other day and it might be nice if people could hear the beauty…


  2. J said

    Alrite, alrite, I need an mp3 hoster though first, gonna v. busy @ work today, then Spurs, so maybe by Friday!

    WaffleOn – is that that Romford m/board thingy?


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